Why Remote Therapy is a Powerful Option for Working Moms

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Working moms always face a lot of stress, a busy schedule, and too little time to focus on their own wellness. Today, as we navigate the COVID-crisis, dealing with the challenges that come with being a working parent is becoming tougher than ever. Fortunately, remote therapy is providing a flexible option for moms looking for a self-care option that fits the reality of their current life situation.

Challenges for Working Moms in the COVID-Crisis (and Beyond)

Many busy professionals need a therapist’s help to navigate the challenges that come with a demanding schedule, limited downtime, and myriad workplace responsibilities. Working moms deal with all of these issues while they navigate immense social pressure to “do it all” for their children without missing a beat. Yet all too often, these working moms simply aren’t able to find time for much-needed therapy.

The COVID-crisis has made things more complicated than ever. The large-scale suspension of in-person education has removed an essential source of childcare for many families. Meanwhile, moms trying to work remotely face the daunting task of staying productive in a home that’s also functioning as a full-time daycare. Even the small amount of self-care time that comes with playdates, sports practices, and music lessons is more uncertain than ever.

With numerous demands on their time and attention, working moms may feel there simply isn’t any time or space for therapy, for their own well being. Spending time each week driving to a therapy appointment simply isn’t practicable for many working moms. And for working moms who live in rural areas, finding a therapist may appear outright impossible.

Fortunately, remote therapy is providing a vital source of flexible care. Virtual therapy sessions are not only allowing for quality therapy in the midst of the COVID crisis but opening up a flexible long-term solution for working moms everywhere.

4 Key Benefits of Remote Therapy for Working Moms

The Wellness Connection worked hard to institute a remote therapy model almost overnight in response to the COVID crisis. Advanced software allows us to conduct fully HIPAA compliant virtual therapy sessions using either phone or video. This setup also makes it simple for our patients to view records, manage billing, and submit insurance claims.

We work with many working mothers who have found the remote model to be a vital self-care resource. While remote therapy is a great option for many patients, it’s particularly well-suited for alleviating some of the biggest challenges encountered by working moms.

  • Child Care Flexibility: because remote therapy sessions can be attended directly from home, therapy is a great fit for the unprecedented childcare challenges of the COVID era. Therapy sessions can be arranged without worrying about setting up the perfect work or childcare schedule.

  • Alleviating the Time Crunch: many working moms feel that they barely have time to take a breath, much less schedule a therapy session.

    Eliminating travel time makes it far easier to accommodate a therapy session in a busy schedule. Remote therapy sessions can also be easier to schedule at off-hours times that fit your schedule, like mornings, evenings, or weekends.

  • COVID-Safe Support: all parents are concerned about their family’s health during these trying times. For parents of children with pre-existing health vulnerabilities, this concern can become even more overwhelming. Social distancing, however, can make it difficult to access not only in-person therapy but the networks of friends and family that would normally provide support.

    Remote therapy provides a worry-free resource that’s compatible with any distancing needs. It’s a great source of emotional support that doesn’t come with any anxiety-inducing concerns about the tradeoffs between your mental well-being and your family’s safety.

  • A Long Term Wellness Resource: while remote therapy has quickly matured as a frontline solution to the COVID crisis, our experience so far suggests it’s going to be an essential part of the future of mental health. The flexibility of the remote model is enabling patients to access therapy who never could in the past.

    Signing up for remote therapy is a great step to getting much-needed support during these trying times. It’s also an easy way to begin building a therapeutic relationship that’s built to last. If you’ve always been interested in therapy but struggled with the logistics, the flexibility of remote sessions can make getting started much easier.

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We would love to speak with any working moms searching for a remote therapy resource.

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