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    Welcome Dr. Iqbal

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    • Please welcome Dr. Kiran Iqbal, Clinical Psychiatrist, as our new Medical Director. Dr. Iqbal will be doing psychiatric evaluations and medication management.

    • The Wellness Connection shared Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals's photo.

      Insight from Laurie Chuba, our Occupational Therapist...

      You can not water and feed the leaves on a tree...it will not grow and thrive. You MUST water, feed, and provide a suitable enriched environment for the roots to develop and grow a healthy, strong, resilient, magnificent tree. This is the exact concept of sensory integration and how it applies to child development and a sensory enriched life. ~Angie Voss, OTR http://asensorylife.com/the-power-sensationsyour-sensory-foundation.html

    • Read our blog post by Anwar Patterson, Resident in Counseling at the Wellness Connection to gain insights into relationships with the people you know best.

      EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy is helpful for couples

    • The Wellness Connection with Robin Meyers

      It's been a tough week for many as they say goodbye to their college-aged kids! If you are struggling with your nest feeling emptier, please join us for a FREE special event on September 8! Certified Teen Life Coach Robin Meyers will be here to lead a group discussion and give you pointers on getting through this transition. Sign up by calling 703-327-0335.

    • Our very own Neil McNerney is the headline contributor to the ADD School Summit, an online webinar of experts in parenting, education, and attention deficit disorder. This is a great, free event for all parents, even if your kids don't have ADD! Neil's webinar is on August 24, so click below to sign up and watch!


    • A great article on the best gifts to give your child without spending money --Neil McNerney, our Clinical Director adds his insight:

      As you're doing your shopping this season, don't lose sight of the things that truly matter.

    • We know that many people, in fact about 80% of the population will hurt their back at some point in life. In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports (CR) (see the May 2009 issue), over 14,000 subscribers had low back pain (LBP) but no surgery to treat it in 2008. More than half reported severe …

    • The Wellness Connection shared Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's photo.

      Our friend Bev Barker from the Business Women of Loudoun Committee stopped by the Chamber this morning to drop off school supplies for #Loudoun kids in need. You can learn more on how to help here: www.LoudounChamber.org and donate online here: http://bit.ly/1KCsXc7

    • Some insight into the teenage brain is on our blog:

      by Rachel Cheche Marriage and Family Therapy Student, Virginia Tech Graduate School “For my graduate school class this summer, I have asked my students to write a blog post on a topic that would be of interest to parents. I hope you enjoy these topics and ideas!” – Neil McNerney, LPC – Clinical Dire…

    • Thank you to all of our loyal clients who voted for us in the Posh Seven Best of Suburbia! We won in three categories! Best Psychologist, Best Massage, Best Weight Management Program! http://www.bestofsuburbia.com/2015-winners.html

      2015 Winners 2015-07-26 Best Of Suburbia WINNERS BEST VINEYARDSunset Hills Vineyard 38295 Fremont Overlook Lane Purcellville, VA 20132 (540) 882-4560sunsethillsvineyard.com Dedicated to producing only the finest wines, Sunset Hills Vineyard offers connoisseurs a unique tasting/drinking expe…

    • It's August and our summer staff is returning to school! The Wellness Connection is looking to hire someone who enjoys speaking with others, demonstrates excellent customer service skills, and has great attention to detail to be a receptionist at our Stone Ridge location. We are looking for someone to can work afternoon-evening hours Monday-Friday and a couple of Saturdays a month to equate to about 25-30 hours a week. This would be a great position for a local college student or someone who is looking to get back into the workforce. So, if you are looking to be a part of a fun and dynamic team, please send your resume to hr@wellnessconnectionllc.com.


    • The Wellness Connection is looking for a Farmers' Market Manager -- the perfect job for a high school or college student or stay-at-home mom looking for extra income. Share with others! 703-327-0335

    • It's a beautiful day at the Wellness Connection Farmers' Market -come see us!

    • What can we do as individuals to improve our quality of life as we age? In order to address this question, let’s break this down into “Bio-Psycho-Social” categories: BIO: weight, diet, exercise, fitness; PSYCHO: brain stimulating activities and exercises, diet and nutritional supplementation; and SO…

    • What can we do as individuals to improve our quality of life as we age? In order to address this question, let’s break this down into “Bio-Psycho-Social” categories: BIO: weight, diet, exercise, fitness; PSYCHO: brain stimulating activities and exercises, diet and nutritional supplementation; and SO…

    • Wellness Connection's Denisha Johnson and Sam Olbes speak with a group of high school teens from Leadership Loudoun Youth about managing the stress in their lives in order to become effective leaders.

    • From San Diego State University: "Attention Freshmen who are moving in tomorrow: A little request ... When your mom wants to unpack all of your clothes and make your bed - Let her. When your dad wants to introduce himself to all the people on your floor - Let him. When they want to take pictures of every move you make this weekend - Let them. If they embarrass you or act crazy - Let them. As you start the new chapter of your life, they are also starting the new chapter of theirs. And believe it or not, this is probably more difficult for them than it is for you. So let them treat you like their "baby" one last time."

      Can you relate? The Wellness Connection will be offering an Empty Nest Workshop in the next few weeks. Call for more details - 703-327-0335. And grab the Kleenex.

    • Wellness Connection Farmers' Market Tomorrow! http://conta.cc/1OTgwdj


    • The Wellness Connection updated their cover photo.

    • The Wellness Connection added a new photo.

    • Is chronic stress getting you down?


    • PARENTING WORKSHOP - AUGUST 8! http://conta.cc/1gq3jgU

      We all know that parenting our children is one of the most important things we do in our ives.  Yet, in the hecticness of our day-to-day tasks, it's something that most of us don't spend enough time working on.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a place and a time that you could meet with experts in the f…

    • The Wellness Connection at Virginia Tech - Northern Virginia Center

      Another amazing thing about our staff at The Wellness Connection! Our Clinical Director, Neil McNerney, is on the faculty of Virginia Tech's Graduate School of Marriage and Family Therapy. Today, his students were lucky to hear great words of wisdom from Denisha Johnson, one of our amazing therapists, who helps lots of teens and families navigate the teenage years.

    • Amazing group of kids swimming for Team Elizabeth!!

    • Our summer intern is going back to school - and we are looking for a MARKET MANAGER for the Farmer's Market. This would be a great part-time position for a stay-at-home-mom or reliable high school student! Please contact info@wellnessconnectionllc.com or 703-327-0335.

      info@wellnessconnectionllc.com or 703-327-0335.">

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      Paula Miller, CMT- member of American Massage Therapy Association Since graduating from Potomac Massage Therapy in Washington, DC, in 1995, Paula was self-employed in a home office in Manassas, VA and still continues there part-time. Paula provides therapeutic Swedish, deep tissue and medical massage. She has also worked part-time at Miller Chiropractic in Fair Oaks, […]

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