At Wellness Connection, we provide counseling for our BIPOC Community.


BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, now called BIPOC Mental Health Month, is observed every July. BIPOC Mental Health Month brings to our attention and remembers people in our history who have been marginalized and oppressed.

LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling
Black and Indigenous people and other people of color (BIPOC)

Racial oppression and discrimination still occur today. If you have experienced this and need to talk, we’re here to listen.

Couples counseling

Our expert counseling team is trained to help guide you by offering trauma-informed and culturally sensitive therapy.

Adult Individual Therapy

Ask about our individual and group BIPOC therapy. We want to help you heal and move forward.

There is a long history of marginalization, oppression, discrimination, and racism. We recognize that BIPOC individuals have historically and currently experience violence, anxiety and stress, trauma, and daily discrimination which directly impacts one’s mental health. At Wellness Connection, we have compassionate counselors who are knowledgeable, empathetic, and experienced in helping BIPOC individuals who are struggling with race-based trauma.

BIPOC Couseling and Support:

  • Racial Trauma / Violence
  • School and/or Work Discrimination
  • Race-based Stress
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Anger Management / Emotional Dysregulation

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