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Certified Accunect® Energy Healer, Coach and Educator


Individuals and families, with a primary focus on mothers


Accunect® Energy healing and Emotional processing


My sessions are primarily done virtually, but you can request in-person sessions if that is your preference.


Daytime, and limited evening appointments


Out of network with all plans

About Me:

Laura Freix is an accomplished energy healer, coach, and educator. She has extensive experience in various energy healing modalities, as well as comprehensive coaching experience in the areas of health, life, and relationships. She is a certified qigong instructor and is currently on a sabbatical from teaching to focus on writing her book on motherhood.

Drawing on her life experience, Laura supports individuals and families, with a particular focus on moms, to reclaim their authentic selves and cultivate their intuition through the Accunect energy healing system. Her private one-on-one sessions and group calls uncover the energetic story behind life’s challenges and facilitate balance, growth, and self-healing.

Laura also offers workshops and training for those interested in learning energy healing techniques to empower themselves around their health and well-being. They can further apply this learning to their clients or loved ones. Her work reflects her unwavering commitment to personal transformation and healing.


What is Energy Healing?

Energy is your life force; it’s what makes you feel alive! Energy healing works with the energy fields that organize and control the growth and repair of the cells, tissue, and organs within the body and mind. Before any symptom appears in the body, energy has stopped moving. Changing impaired energy patterns is a non-invasive way to improve one’s vitality. The work inspires the body’s innate healing potential.

What disrupts the body’s natural ability to heal? Stress! When stress occurs in the body, it results in a state of “dis-ease.”  Emotions, belief systems, accidents, injuries, toxins, microbes, and trauma all contribute to a feeling of disconnection from ourselves or our environment. The main goal of energy work is to help restore you to wholeness on every level of your being so that you can live each day as your authentic self, knowing that you are enough just as you are.

What is Accunect®?

Accunect is the foundational energy healing system I use when doing my client sessions. The system is a form of psychoneuroimmunology, a branch of medicine that deals with the influence of psychological and emotional stressors on our nervous system and immune function. Accunect uses a comprehensive Health Map™ to identify your unique path back to health by getting to the root cause. The map considers your genetic makeup, life experience, and health history. The system is safe and non-invasive.

What's Ready To Shift?

The practitioner uses her intuition to discern what area(s) of the body, mind, or spirit are ready to move toward balance. Traditional Chinese medicine theory, modern neuroscience, and applied kinesiology are just a few of the foundational pillars of the system. A gentle tapping technique brings the body back into balance, where healing is natural.

Client Journey

The balances create an energetic story of what is going on at a subconscious level. All healing is self-healing. The practitioner is simply a facilitator. All healing has its time, so it is equally important to honor the journey. View the client journey map to learn more. Accunect is a heart-centered form of energy work focused on relationships and connection. By restoring harmony, the body can heal.


More About Me:

I am a native of Northern Virginia. I am the mother of four grown children, and grandmother to Olivia (age 3.) I enjoy running, hiking in nature, and walking barefoot on the beach. I recently started playing pickle ball, so much fun! I am a lifelong learner and love to read.  My deepest core values revolve around family, relationships, love and acceptance. Now that my children are grown, it feels right to step into this role of mentoring others. Our stories may not be exactly the same, but the guide posts I can offer will support you in creating your own unique path.

My wish for you is that you connect to your inner voice and take action to live in alignment with your truth. I hope you will consider partnering with me on the never-ending journey we call life!

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