Counseling for College Students

Counseling for College Students

Feeling isolated and alone at college?

Loneliness is a common issue facing many college students. Help your student feel more connected and learn healthy coping strategies to guide them through life away from home. Wellness Connection offers in-person and virtual counseling services to help college students cope with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, life transitions, and relationship issues.

Convenient online appointments with qualified licensed therapists are available.

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College student, managing stress and more

Having difficulty managing stress, loneliness, depression or anxious feelings?

Learn how to strengthen your support system

Interested in learning how to strengthen your support system or navigate a difficult relationship?

Adjusting to life away from home

Need support adjusting to life away from home or experiencing uncertainty about your future?

Our therapists are highly qualified to provide you with support you need. We are available to meet with you in person or through our confidential online portal. If you are struggling, don’t wait to see if things will get better. We offer services you can afford.

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