Accunect Energy Healing as an Alternative to Acupuncture

Accunect® is a complete energy healing system, often described as acupuncture without needles. Both methodologies aim to facilitate the smooth energy flow along the meridian system that traverses our fascia. Dr. Daniel Keown’s book, The Spark in The Machine, highlights how the fascia interconnects and envelopes every aspect of our body while attempting to maintain an unimpeded pathway between its layers. Before any symptom appears in the body or mind, there is a stagnation of qi (pronounced chee.) Chinese medicine theory asserts that energy stagnation or imbalance is the root cause of disease.

Acupuncture needles undeniably provide potent meridian stimulation that leads to a sense of rejuvenation as energy flows freely. Acupuncture benefits may include pain management, stress relief, and physical and emotional well-being. Accunect provides similar benefits and takes healing to another level by exploring the spiritual aspects of the meridians related to Chinese medicine.

Accunect goes deeper by including the functional intelligence of the organ related to its physical role in the body from a Western medical perspective. Functional thinking represents an aspect of the subconscious mind, which is one way an Accunect session can paint a picture of what is going on for the client at the subconscious level.

Consider, for instance, the balancing of the lung meridian. Our Lungs (capitalized to represent both the physical lungs and the corresponding meridians) are how we draw in energy (in the form of oxygen) from the external environment. The vitality one acquires with each breath correlates directly with one’s sense of worthiness. By uncovering aspects of the subconscious mind that are ready to shift, Accunect adds a layer of depth not accessible from acupuncture alone.

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